About us

  The Everton Difference
Most of Everton’s tradition is inspired by three generations of crafting and blending world class tea. A majority of our recipes trace their origin back to members of the family and have played a vital role in making Everton’s offering unique.
  Finest Ingredients
Everton has managed to become a household name in several countries thanks to its consistent quality over the years. We’ve always relied on a selection of the finest ingredients to craft our long range of products.
  Premium Packaging
Everton understands the vital role played by packaging when it comes to products like Tea. Owing to this, we ensure that our tea bags are individually wrapped in foil pouches to shield delicate tea leaves from air, moisture and surrounding aromas, locking in flavour and freshness.
  Trusted Suppliers
Everton understands that consistent quality comes from long lasting relationships. And so, we’ve maintained strong ties with our suppliers from around the world for decades. We’ve also had the practice of working with them constantly to ensure that our high standards of quality are met.
  Reliable People
Everton invests heavily in the people that help make its products. By offering strong growth opportunities, positive work environments and compensation that’s above industry standards, we’ve managed to create a strong bond with the people that work with us.
  • "After having mastered the most classic varieties of Tea, Everton began experimenting with a wider range of products almost a decade ago and the results have been nothing short of delicious. Whether you are looking for a rich, full-bodied cup of black tea, a delicate cup of green tea, a relaxing cup of caffeine-free herb tea, or some strong barely coffee, you are bound to find in Everton's range of products."

  • "Its safe to expect a lot from a family that has been passionate about Tea for over three generations. We've been dedicated to creating and blending world class teas, insisting on numerous quality checks  for every bit of Tea that we produce."

Everton's Milestones

The growth and evolution of Everton through the years
  • 1980'sEverton was founded
    The company was founded with the interest of introducing Italy to finer standards of Tea.
  • 1990Change in ownership
    The company changed hands and its new owners looked beyond Italy, envisioning a future for Everton that was nothing short of global.
  • 2001New production facility in Italy
    The creation of a state of the art production facility allowed Everton to produce high quality tea.
  • 2007Expansion of the Italian plant
    Owing to rising demand for its products, Everton was required to expand its production infrastructure by a massive scale.
  • 2011Setting up of Everton Tea India Pvt Ltd
    The most exciting new chapter of Everton over the years, the move to India opened up a world of new opportunity.
  • 2011New production facility in India
    Given that a lot of our tea was grown in the country, establishing a strong production set up locally became important for us to preserve our high standards of quality.
  • 2013Expansion of the Indian factory
    Global rise in demand meant that Everton had to consider further expansion to meet the full potential of its market reach.