Frequently Asked Questions

Are there organic teas and herbal teas among your products?

The organic products we have selected can be chosen by typing the word “bio” as a search key on the website and are certified according to the European standards in force. In the case of blends, especially as regards infusions and herbal teas, all the ingredients are certified according to the European standards in force.

What is the difference between herbal tea and infusion?

Herbal teas have the active ingredients of the officinal herbs that compose them, therefore they have a specific function for our body (Relaxing, Draining, Energizing, etc.). Instead, the infusions have no particular active ingredients and are drunk simply for pure pleasure. In addition, the infusions are always theine-free, while the herbal teas may contain herbs with an exciting effect on the body, for example energizing herbal teas and in some cases draining herbal tea to increase the purifying power.

In which stores can I find Everton products?

To find the stores closest to your home, enter the region and your details on the “Stores” page and you will be able to discover the most convenient retailers for your purchases.

How do i store tea?

Our tea is contained in practical box suitable for storage. You will need to be careful to close the box correctly. Each box is provided with a label indicating the name of the product, the characteristics and the methods of preparation.

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