Exotic Infusion

Prodotto acquistabile in 8 astucci da 15 filtri ciascuno
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A sweet scent of exotic fruits, with a rich and harmonious taste. Ideal at all times of the day. The pyramid filter allows you to see the product inside made up of pieces of fruit and flowers for a higher quality and even more taste.

Package Information

Each of the 8 packs is composed of 15 pyramid filter bags of 2 gr each.


Karkadè (50%), Rosehip (21%), orange peel (12%), apple (3%), mango (3%), pineapple (3%), lemon peel (3%), elderberry (3%), flavourings

Sachet filter
Water at 80 degrees
Leave to infuse for 3 minutes

Brewing suggestions

Put the tea bag in a teapot or cup, pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 3 minutes without pressing it. Sweeten to taste.