Hot & cold green tea Matcha, Mint & Licorice

Prodotto acquistabile in 10 astucci da 16 filtri ciascuno
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Delicious blend of green tea: the sweet notes of licorice with the fresh taste of mint.

Package Information

Each of the 10 packs is composed of 16 filter bags.


Green tea 51%, mint 29%, licorice 8.25%, soluble green tea extract powder 5%, natural peppermint flavourings 3.9%, acidifier: citric acid, Matcha green tea powder 1%, extract of aloe vera. Contains licorice, avoid excessive consumption in case of hypertension.

Sachet filter
Cold water
Leave to brew for 7-10 minutes

Brewing suggestions

Put the filter in the glass, add 150 ml of cold water. Leave to infuse for 7-10 minutes before removing the filter.